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Stanlow Terminals – UK’s Largest Bulk Liquid Storage Facility

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UK’s largest bulk liquid storage facility


Stanlow Terminals Ltd. (STL) is the UK’s largest independent bulk liquid storage terminal with a capacity of 3 million m3. STL is making significant investments towards energy transition storage solutions. Our aim is to develop the UK’s largest biofuels and new energies storage. Between the 8 Tranmere and Stanlow berths, the company also manages over 700 ships per year carrying 10 million tonnes of crude oil and other products.

Apart from having leading edge technology, supply chain expertise and unique infrastructure, Stanlow Terminals is also well-connected to various industry heartlands through mainline rail, port, roadways and pipelines (UK Oil Pipeline, Manchester Pipeline). Proxmity to the urban hubs of Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham offer additional competitive advantage to its position within one of the UK’s most industrialised regions.

Growth Potential


Stanlow Terminals has a take-or-pay contract with Essar Oil UK which provides it significant revenue certainty for the next two decades. The segments of third-party businesses and new energies also offer strong growth potential. The company is currently developing 0.6 million m3 of storage capacity for third-party business, which includes bio-fuels. Further development of 0.8 MTPA for ammonia storage and a 2 MTPA CO2 receiving facility will see Stanlow Terminals become the UK’s largest storage hub for new energies facilitating the UK’s energy transition.