Investing in decarbonisation and the development of low carbon products.

Biofuels For Green Economies

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Advanced Biofuels for green economies


Driven by the ambition to address climate change and to secure low cost, resilient supply chains, governments across the globe are establishing robust policy frameworks to drive biofuels usage and production to achieve challenging net zero targets and energy security targets.

With 1 MTPA of advanced bio-fuels capacity across the UK and in India, EET Biofuels will help meet the growing global demand. Manufactured by utilising municipal, industrial and agriculture waste, products will include sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), used oil methyl ester (UCOME), renewable natural gas and 2-G ethanol.

Investing in production capacity


Partnering with Fulcrum Northpoint, a new waste-to-sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production plant is being built at Essar site in Stanlow, North West England. The site will produce ~ 80 KTPA of aviation fuel which can be supplied, using existing pipeline infrastructure to the UK’s largest regional airport at Manchester and to the UK’s other regional airports (including Liverpool).

In the UK, partnerships are also being developed to invest in 0.5 MTPA of sustainable hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). This will utilise municipal waste from the urban hubs located close to the site.

In India, capacity is being developed to leverage the low cost manufacturing capability to process agricultural waste into biofuels for both home and export use. Development would align with Government policy ambitions to establish advanced biofuels capacity.

By investing in the development of biofuels in the UK and India, EET is helping meet the challenging policy objectives of Governments committed to addressing the climate crisis.