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Essar Oil UK – Leading downstream energy company in North-West UK

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A Strategic National Asset

Strategic National Asset

Essar Oil UK is the leading downstream energy company in North-West UK. Its main asset is Stanlow refinery, one of the most advanced refineries in Europe.

  • Stanlow Refinery has a manufacturing capacity of 10 MTPA and is a top quartile refinery. Stanlow is in the top 15% of European refineries by complexity (9.1 NCI) and in the top 40% by size
  • A key strategic national and regional asset, EOUK annually produces over 16% of the UK’s road transport fuels and is a major supplier in the North West, commanding 70% – 80% of the market
  • The company’s customers include most of the major retail brands operated by international oil companies and supermarkets. It is also a key supplier of Jet fuel to many airports in the UK, thereby being of critical importance to regional connectivity
  • Essar Oil UK has over 800 employees, and over 5,000 people are employed through the extended supply chain


While playing a key role in Britain’s energy sector, EOUK is also helping lead the country’s decarbonisation efforts. The company has ambitious plans to be amongst the first low carbon refineries globally.

  • The refinery is transitioning from conventional oil refining to low carbon energy production by making significant investments
  • The reductions in emissions will be achieved by a combination of post-combustion carbon capture and a switch to hydrogen from fossil fuels
  • A post-combustion carbon capture plant will be installed on the Fluidised Catalytic Converters unit to capture CO2 and sequester it in the Liverpool Bay storage facility
  • Instead of natural gas, the boilers and furnaces will be fuelled with blue hydrogen produced by Vertex Hydrogen

The efforts will help in a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions by this decade making Stanlow one of the first and most advanced and decarbonised refineries globally.