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Investing in decarbonisation and the development of low carbon products.

EET Future Energy

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Low-cost green fuel


By leveraging low-cost manufacturing capabilities in Jamnagar, Gujarat (India), EET Future Energy will deliver 1GW of green ammonia by 2026. India is emerging as a global green ammonia production and export base, and EET Future Energy will leverage this capability.

EET Future Energy will convert water to green ammonia through 100% captive low-cost renewable power (solar and wind). The plant will produce 0.8 Mtpa of green ammonia as H2 carrier.


Land bank and Port-based facilities


Close to Essar’s existing power plant premises, EET Future Energy has a 250-acre land bank with close proximity to port-based facilities. This lays a strong foundation to develop and expand EET Future’s green ammonia production plant.


Land Bank and Port-Based Facilities


Supplying Global Markets


  • The green ammonia will be transported to Essar’s site in the North West of England, which sits at the heart of an integrated value chain. This will provide EET Future Energy with the optionality and the platform to deliver green ammonia to multiple UK end-customers, or crack it into green hydrogen to be used on site
  • Utilising the existing and developing distribution network, which is expected to reach ~355 km by 2030, EET Future Energy has ready access to supply to some of the UK’s most industrialised regions
  • Additionally, green ammonia will also be exported to other developing green energy economies. Opportunities include Germany, where the policy frameworks are favourable, and Japan and South Korea where there is high co-firing demand





Low-Cost Green Fuel