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Essar Oil UK announces record H1 FY18 performance

H1 FY18 (September ending) highlights

  • Record EBITDA for a six month period at $264 million (Rs 1,691.18 cr) vs $118 million (Rs 755.91 cr) in H1 FY17
  • Record Profit after Tax for a six month period of $169 million (Rs 1,082.61 cr) vs $51 million (Rs 326.71 cr) in H1 FY17
  • Revenues of $2.7 billion (Rs 17,296.2 cr) in the six months
  • Current Price Gross Refining Margin (CP GRM) at $11.0/bbl vs $7.6/bbl in H1 FY17
  • Expansion of UK retail network to 42 sites, which has further grown to 46 in December 2017
  • Additional contracts secured in direct aviation fuel supply market
  • Strong financial position, with a net worth at 30th September of $1.15 billion

London, 20 December 2017: Essar Oil (UK) Limited, which owns and operates the Stanlow Refinery, today announced record figures for the first six months of the financial year ending March 31st 2018.

Operational and financial performance:  Key Indicators

(1 USD =  Rs.64.06 )

September ending

H1 FY18

H1 FY17


Throughput (in MMT)




Gross Revenue (in $m)


(Rs 17,296.2 cr)


(Rs 14,682.55 cr)


Current Price Gross Refining Margin ($/bbl)




EBITDA (in $m)


(Rs 1,691.18 cr)


(Rs 755.91 cr)


Profit after Tax (in $m)


(Rs 1082.61 cr)


(Rs 326.71 cr)


The continuing Essar success story at Stanlow
The refinery, which as a key national asset produces 16% of the UK’s road transport fuel demand, processed 4.5 MMT of crude, in line with the 4.5 MMT during H1 FY17.

Essar Oil UK continues to make good progress on its plans to invest $250 million (Rs1,601.5 cr) in capex and maintenance at Stanlow in FY18 to ramp up throughput, improve yields and drive revenues.  This major investment will increase annual throughput from 68 million to 75 million barrels.

A focus on margin booster initiatives and cost efficiencies has seen a significant improvement in the operating and financial performance during this time.  In FY15 Stanlow was reconfigured and optimised to a single train operation which increased the yield of high margin products such as gasoline and middle distillates.

In addition, the crude slate has been materially diversified with the introduction of many new grades, including four new grades in the past six months.

These major initiatives have resulted in a latest half yearly delta over the benchmark margin of $4.8/bbl, as against under $1/bbl in 2012.

Essar Oil UK Non-Executive Chairman, Prashant Ruia, said:  “The Stanlow refinery is a core sector asset of national importance for the UK and we are extremely happy that it has been delivering consistently robust performance. Essar is committed to the growth of the UK’s Oil & Gas economy. We have invested more than $800 million in the Stanlow Refinery since acquisition towards improving environment standards and safety performance, improving product yields, and driving further upside by increasing throughput and unit margins. We have now started reaping the benefits of this investment.”

Essar Oil UK Chief Executive Officer, S. Thangapandian, commented:  “A strong operational performance, supported by product cracks has enabled us to post record figures for a half year period and again improve our delta over the benchmark margin.  To further develop the Essar Oil UK business, we continued the roll-out our UK retail network, grew the direct supply of aviation fuel to major airlines and have started leasing storage in Rotterdam, together with blending and jetty infrastructure, in order to cater to gasoline export markets directly.  With the strong focus on Health and Safety across our entire organisation, we look forward to delivering a safe and successful Turnaround in 2018 and completion of Project Tiger Cub which will increase throughput, reduce crude costs and drive revenue growth.”

Essar Oil UK Chief Financial Officer, Sampath P, said: “These are impressive operating and financial results for a half year and the EBITDA generated during the first six month period have already reached our business plan target for the entire fiscal.  The company is in a strong financial position to fulfil its commitment to significant further investment of $250 million at Stanlow for the completion of the Tiger Cub project and block Turnaround in 2018.”

About Essar Oil UK
Essar Oil (UK) Limited is a subsidiary of Essar Energy Limited, which owns and operates the Stanlow Refinery located on the south side of the Mersey Estuary near Liverpool.  Stanlow produces 16% of UK road transport fuels, including 3 billion litres of petrol, 4.4 billion litres of diesel and 2 billion litres of jet fuel per year.

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